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Ingredients to Wealth 


Image 5_Jody Rallah, Ingredients for Wealth, 2019, Andrew Willis.jpg
Image 6_Jody Rallah, Depleting Wealth, 2019, Andrew Willis_2.jpg

2019, Acrylic and gold leaf on Linen, 20 x 24in

Photography: Andrew Willis

Your health is your wealth - Words from my grandfather that echo through my being to this day.   

Bush foods and medicines have been cultivated by Indigenous agricultural practice for tens of thousands of years. They have been cultivated to thrive in the diverse Countries of the Australian continent and to nurture the life of the people and land.

Remember the First Nations peoples, through generations that have nurtured Country, for bush foods and medicines to be available today remember their care, their cultural practice and let us carry that legacy. Gold-leaf is depicted as part of the bushfoods posing the link between the value of healthy Country and healthy life. 


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