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Sky Landscapes


'Look up at the sky, can you see the emu?' My Nana would ask. In the light-polluted skies of Brisbane, this wasn't always easy.

Sky Map Landscapes is a series of paper artworks made from a variety of bush materials including flame tree,bottlebrush, paperbark and more. Looking up at the sky indicates what is reflected on the land, when recognising seasonal shifts, the food calander, navigating Country, weather changes and significant stories. The individual paper artworks reference a form of documentation as well as embedded landscapes.

The shape of the series composition is methodically arranged and inspired by the constellation of the nuruin (emu) in the sky.

IMG_20201003_114332 (1)_edited.jpg

2019-2021 Plant matter, mixed materials, emu feathers, dimensions vary

2020, Photography: Kyle Weise 

2021, Photography: Carl Warner 

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