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2021-2022 copper, clay, custom designed vinyl 

2022, Photography: Joe Ruckli 

Inspired by guiding stars that lead the way and teach us life lessons, Guides is an installation created as a metaphor for our heroes who have guided and inspired us. My family and my community are my heroes, their strength and resilience through extreme adversity and bravery to preserve and share culture through generations lives on. I see them as stars, burning brightly and guiding the way. We need to see our stars and remember their wisdom, the wisdom also of Country and shared connections through place and time. The installation pays tribute to the stars of those who have come before us, who have illuminated the way and to those still light the way for generations to come.

Woven into the artwork are embbed narritives and further metaphores to be interpreted.


2022, Photography: Joe Ruckli 

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