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Photography: Joe Ruckli

Photography: Fin Mullen

Jody Rallah is a yuggera-yugggerabul and biri-bindal artist from Meeanjin/Brisbane. Rallah creates 'knowledge vessels' using various mediums and practices across object making and painting, sculptural installation, facade and thoroughfares, soundscape, and collaborative intergenerational approaches

She creates both large-scale and intimate forms to embody living histories and explore an evocative sensibility with material creations, and iconography. Rallah investigates how the aliveness of place is encoded in memory spaces, and how a haptic hands-on approach to art making and design can foster inclusive conversations, by inviting curiosity about relationships with Country, the built environment, and our place within it. Through the art-making process, Rallah embeds narratives that explore the echoes between generations, identity and the contemporary conditions that can influence our relations with place and each other.

Rallah is passionate about re-embedding First Nations knowledge spaces back into the built environment by collaborating with Elders and organisations, to create spaces and vessels that are inviting and alive with movement, memory, and narratives. 

Some of Rallah’s current and upcoming projects include; Following Paperbarks a 15.5m recycled aluminium panel facade at Kelvin Grove, Brisbane. Various public art projects are currently in production which include, thoroughfares, place markers, and facades. Rallah recently undertook a residency program with the Museum of Brisbane (MOB) participating in Clay, where the artist produced an ephemeral 22m wall installation. Rallah’s work is currently on tour as a part of the Drawn by Stones exhibition, a nationally touring exhibition commissioned by 4A Gallery of Asian Arts, Sydney,

Rallah graduated with a Bachelor in Contemporary Australian Indigenous Art (CAIA) from the Queensland Collage of Art - Griffith University in 2019. In 2020 Rallah participated in Hatched National Graduate Exhibition at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art (PICA) as one of twenty-four artists selected Nationwide. In 2021 she held a solo exhibition at Milani Carpark Gallery. Rallah debuted her work Guides the in Brisbane City Centre as a part of the Indigenous Art Program - Outstanding 2022. She has been a panelist for the QLD Museum during the World Science Festival, Apmere Mparntwe - Australian Ceramics Triennial, Australian Ceramics Journal, Sculptors QLD, UNSW Art and Design and 4A Clay Foundations and more.

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